Hi there

I’m Megan. Thanks for visiting my website. This page was last updated January 23, 2023.

My deal:

I’m working on three main projects as 2023 starts: 

(1) Improving RC Forward so that more people can maximize the good their donations do 

(2) Plotting out next steps in my career, which I’m trying to use to improve the world in impartial, evidence-based ways

(3) Slowly building a life after bike travel that fits my values (curiosity, generosity, truth-seeking), interests (reading, writing, time outside) and aspirations (forge real connections, have fun)

A brief history of this site: 

This website was launched in 2014 as Continental Drift-er, a nod to my education, career, and identity as a geoscientist. 

Through 2014-2020 this website was the home of my blog and newsletter that shared what I was seeing and learning as I travelled in Asian and African countries with my life partner Evan, primarily by bicycle. 

The years 2020 to 2022 were quiet on this site. I had one foot in my new life in Canada, another in the other one, that I’d organized around bike travel and had given up by choice. There was some grief I was slow to acknowledge, let alone write through.

At the end of 2022 I renamed the site to Afterstan. This new name acknowledges Stan, the bike I’d travelled on that I’d purchased in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (hence, “Stan”). Afterstan, as a website and as a name, is about celebrating the past without denying the present.