1. all the hardships and still time to paint your toenails, I am thinking your adventure is pretty tame compared to the wild adventure we are living through in Calgary with the oil price gyrations, while you are going by the offshore rigs see if anyone is hiring over there! But seriously it looks like you are having a great adventure, keep having fun.


    1. Hey Rick!
      Ha ha, life is all about balance, right? I need a bit of glamour every once in a while. There were so many rigs on the coast of the Caspian, it was surreal to see – all a bit ‘Water World.’

      Thanks for reading, say hi to the gang 🙂


  2. I’ve really enjoyed both videos Megan-amazing what you can do with a little bit of technology! Also have enjoyed reading your friend Daniela’s postings about her travels en espanol via Facebook.
    Have fun and continue to enjoy to the max.


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