1. Wonderful video. I’m sure all your friends and family are super grateful you go to the considerable trouble of making these. I can hardly ever even find the patience to take a selfie. Even more so in the cold!


    1. Hey Dosh!

      Sorry for the delayed response. Glad you liked the video! They’ve been fun to make. Except I gotta say, as it got colder in Turkey my motivation to stop and set up the iPad in various forms of precipitation definitely waned. So no Turkey video, it looks like.

      If my memory serves you were avoiding Central Asia in the winter, so maybe you’re in SE Asia now? Hope you had a great time in Iran and looking forward to hearing from you via FB.

      Cheers, Megan


    1. Hey Rick!

      Sorry for the delayed response, I swore I responded to these but I guess not.

      Hope you had a good holiday season. Are you still curling? When I think of Canadian Christmas I think of curling.

      Also…thought of you and your advice whenever the road got a bit icy. I kept it at a very slow pace.

      Talk soon,



    1. Hey Gary!

      Sorry for the delayed response. Okay that sounds like a very good solution but as it turns out I’m now in possession of a lovely pot that doesn’t have things stick to it. You could say that I upgraded 🙂

      Hope you had a good holiday season. Thanks for the hello, they always make me smile.



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