About me and this blog

I’m an unemployed former geologist with a Canadian passport who spends money I didn’t earn on enough coffee and carbs to pedal a crappy bicycle through Asia and Africa, indefinitely.

I’m currently cycling north from South Africa towards Morocco. I share this life with my partner Evan, who travels on either a South African or a British passport as it suits him.

I write this blog to learn more from my experiences, improve my ability to articulate my thoughts, and to feel grateful. It is a wonderful bonus if something I write here connects with you.

Enjoying roadside kombucha in Uganda

I have been blogging here since late 2014. It has been four years of experimentation.

Forming my blog posts around topics (for example, where to squat on the Pamir Highway, entitlement, lip-smacking Ugandan food, deep coffee, fear, gendered Tanzanian train compartments) instead of travel updates was perhaps the best blogging decision I ever accidentally made. This way, I can write about what I want, when I want. When you’re a people pleaser like me, the “shoulds” have a way of travelling with you and seeping into the question of what to write online.

That’s the disclaimer that this blog isn’t chronologic. Although bike travel is the thread that strings many of my posts together, sometimes the connection is loose. If you’re here because you want to read and see photos specifically about our bike travels, you might like my email newsletter. Learn more about it here.

Otherwise, start with this blog post I had lots of fun writing, or this one about book loving while bike travelling.

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