a dead python laying on sandy soil in Diawling National Park Mauritania

Journeys involving pythons

The book An African In Greenland encourages different ways of thinking about pythons, and its author sets a high bar for what it means to be a curious, open-hearted traveller

Notes on why I blog

Blogs become different tools to different bloggers. Mine has been a source of accountability, learning, and a way for me to know myself and others better.

How bike hiking feels

I rarely blog about the cycling of bicycle travel. Instead, my posts tend to share what I’ve been thinking about,…

Evan and Sacrifice Simon laughing in Mlimba Tanzania

On photographing people

1. One morning in Cameroon Recently a man asked me to take his picture. He’d been watching me photograph Evan…

A sign for Chez INO in rural Gabon

On what we call wild meat

Words come with meaning, whether we acknowledge this or not. The word we choose to use in front of the meat of animals from the forest is a word that’s loaded with meaning.

new years day 2019 streetside bars in dolisie congo brazzaville

Thank you, Congo

To celebrate 2019’s arrival we stayed up a little later, and a day later than I’m used to. That’s because…