Hello, I’m Megan.

I’m currently based in Canada, which is also where I grew up. For much of 2014 to 2019 I was a tourist in Asian and African countries, generally on my bicycle. I tell you this because it’s why this site exists.

Eating breakfast in the Republic of Guinea, the day after my 31st birthday

meganjamer.com started as a travel blog, although these days I simply call it a blog; my writing here has grown with me as I explored topics related to my tourism only indirectly, if at all. Over the years my posts have grown longer: many are over 2,000 words, with a few nearing 10,000.

I’ve published over 80 posts since 2014. Here’s one I’m proud of from each year of blogging:

Not enough socks in Shihtoushan (2014)
Three nights in an Azerbaijani home (2015)
For Evan I returned to Central Asia (2016)
Turkey’s men (2017)
A few things that happened after I inherited a quarter of a million dollars (2018)
On photographing people (2019)
??? Too soon to say for 2020

In 2020, my long-form writing is focused on my travel update series. These detail our bike tourism through African countries from 2016-2019. If this sounds interesting, I invite you to consider subscribing. I send these travel updates as emails to subscribers via TinyLetter, but once sent each update becomes entirely public and lives in the archives.

Why aren’t these travel updates published on this site? I tell the backstory in my About page.

What’s this blog going to be in 2020? Well, let’s see. I frequently wish to jot something down here: a thought, a diary entry, book notes, a recommendation, links to articles I found interesting, a memory or some photos. I’d been censoring myself because none of these formats “fit” with the long essays I was typically publishing here.

That might have been all well and good, had I been publishing long essays. Instead, I was publishing neither, nothing. This status quo troubled me. So, I’m relaxing my rules this year to see what happens.

If you sign up for the meganjamer.com newsletter, you’ll get a monthly (ish) email from me notifying you of new posts. I am selective with what I permit into my own email inbox. I tell you this to demonstrate that I take your attention, permission and privacy seriously.

Thanks for stopping by!