Now: June 3, 2020

Evan and I are adjusting to life in Canada. On a daily basis, this involves trying our utmost to make sure we understand each other’s goals and uncertainties in this post-travel period of our lives.

In May we submitted a Canadian permanent residency application together. This required teamwork and we played to our relative strengths (me: research and creative thinking, Evan: organization and persistency). Our cohabitation history is a little atypical, as most of our relationship has taken place while living on the road. The application process involved, happily, many trips down memory lane.

My priorities at the moment are building routines and realistic plans to achieve my goals. Here’s what I’m working on in June:

  • After three great months at my parents’, we’re moving!
  • I’m building my skills and confidence as an online ESL teacher
  • I’m working through Step 1 of the Editors Canada Career Builder
  • I’m running five days a week
  • I’m attending the EAGxVirtual2020 Conference, to learn more about effective altruism and how I might apply some of its ideas to my work, study and writing goals
  • I’m working with my gutsy friend Brenda to develop her online presence
  • I’m slaying “dragons” with my reflective friend Mika, my accountability buddy on Habitica
  • I’m trying to keep up with a modest daily meditation habit
  • I’m keeping in touch with a few people near and far
  • I’m working on my next TinyLetter about Liberia
  • I’m writing at least one blog post for!

That’s all for now, I’ll review this page at month’s end!


This is a Now Page inspired by Derek Sivers, via Shannon O’Donnell!