I write in two places: my blog, and my email newsletter.

Oh, and a third: my journal, which is no longer the moleskin you see me writing in at a train station in Tanzania, above. I swear I wasn’t (just) doing it for the photo. These days I journal digitally, ever since I shipped several journals home, messed it up, and was powerless to prevent them being shipped back to where they came from. Were it not for the amazing efforts of friends there, they’d be gone forever.

I have no immediate plans to share my journal entries, whether analogue or digital. In the mean time, sign up below to get a monthly email about new blog posts on, the stuff that’s not hiding in a journal but public for all the world to see!

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And what about that second place I mentioned? To learn more about my separate email newsletter about our recent bike travels through African countries, click here.