We rode here lately: an email newsletter

That’s Evan making guacamole in the shade and seclusion offered by a church in Kenya in November 2016. We had just started bike travelling in Kenya, the first African country for us to visit on bicycles. We were figuring a lot of things out.

I was struggling with what to write and where to write it. I stopped blogging, and started writing a private email newsletter to friends and family.

Two years later we’re still riding in African countries, and I’m still writing email newsletters. Now they even have a name: We rode here lately. Funny enough, it turns out that writing privately helped me find the confidence and motivation to start blogging publicly again. Now I do both!

Over time I’ve put more heart, vulnerability and hours into these email newsletters. And the more effort I’ve put in, the more I’ve realized something: that I really want them to reach whoever is interested in reading them. The cost of realizing this was keeping them private until I was ready. If I alienated you during that time, I apologize.

The best way to decide if you’re interested is to check out past editions. The most recent is about our ride through northern South Africa and southern Namibia, click here to read it. Or, check out the full archives (Rwanda and south from there).

Future editions, sent every six to eight weeks, will share our journey north towards Morocco.

If you like what you see, I invite you to sign up below, because We rode here lately isn’t posted on my blog. Thanks so much for your interest and your attention, those precious resources.


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